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About Me

I am a Saint Lucian mathematician, CariScholar mentor, and post-doctoral researcher at Queen Mary University of London. My goal is to have an intellectually satisfying career that draws on my background in information technology and mathematics. Around the time of my undergraduate studies, I planned on becoming an information security professional, even applying for (and being accepting into) relevant postgraduate courses. Then, after discovering the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) framework in 2011, I decided to shift my focus towards understanding the quantitative aspects of risk management, and how to make "optimal" decisions under uncertainty. This prompted me to study mathematical finance, stochastic control and game theory as a postgraduate student at the University of Manchester, topics that I have continued studying to this day.

My Experiences

After finishing my BSc and before commencing my MSc studies, I spent some time working as a web application developer and web site designer, gaining experience with software such as Apache HTTP server, PHP, phpMyAdmin, mySQL, mySQL WorkBench, jQuery, Yii and Wordpress.

Tempus Energy (formerly Alectrona Grid Services) was an industrial partner on my PhD project from September 2012 to September 2015. During this time I developed algorithm prototypes for automated demand-side management and predictive energy trading. I also assisted in making these prototypes production-ready and integrating them into a predictive energy trading platform.

From late November 2015 to May 2016, I worked on optimal stopping and optimal singular stochastic control problems for the research project “Optimal prediction in local electricity markets” (grant EP/K00557X/2). Since May 2016 I have been researching applications of stochastic control, microeconomics and game theory to power systems markets for the EPSRC grant EP/N013492/1 entitled "Nash equilibria for load balancing in networked power systems". This interdisciplinary project, which involves academics in probability theory, dynamical systems and complex networks, studies the mathematics of energy trading and control for real-time balancing of electricity. There are two named industrial partners for this project, Upside Energy and Future Decisions Ltd.

My Education

  • PhD Financial Mathematics. September 2012 — November 2015. "Optimal Prediction Games in Local Electricity Markets". The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, United Kingdom.
  • Msc Mathematical Finance (Distinction). September 2011 — September 2012. "Fair Valuations and Reduced Form Modelling For Mortality Risk". The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, United Kingdom.
  • Bsc Information Technology and Mathematics (Hons). August 2007 — July 2010. The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Cave Hill, St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies.

My Publications

  • 2018. Optimal control of a commercial building's thermostatic load for off-peak demand response (joint work with J. Moriarty and C. Beck), DOI:10.1080/19401493.2018.1535624.
  • 2018. A probabilistic verification theorem for the finite horizon two-player zero-sum optimal switching game in continuous time (joint work with S. Hamadene and J. Moriarty), arXiv:1806.00345.
  • 2018. Control of active power for sychronization and transient stability of power grids (joint work with B. Schaefer, C. Beck and V. Latora), arXiv:1802.06647.
  • 2017. Nonzero-sum games of optimal stopping and generalised Nash equilibrium (joint work with J. Moriarty), arXiv:1709.01905.
  • 2017. Real option valuation of a decremental regulation service provided by electricity storage (joint work with D. Szábó), DOI:10.1098/rsta.2016.0300.
  • 2017. Optimal Entry to an Irreversible Investment Plan with Non Convex Costs (joint work with T. De Angelis, G. Ferrari and J. Moriarty), DOI:10.1007/s11579-017-0187-y.
  • 2016. Solving finite time horizon Dynkin games by optimal switching, DOI:10.1017/jpr.2016.57.
  • 2016. Finite-Horizon Optimal Multiple Switching with Signed Switching Costs, DOI:10.1287/moor.2016.0783.
  • 2016. Dynamic programming for discrete-time finite horizon optimal switching problems with negative switching costs, DOI:10.1017/apr.2016.30.

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